the red wedding, world cup edition

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Sophie Turner with Jenna Coleman, Richard Madden, and Matt Smith at Glastonbury [x]

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not a drama queen, a drama khaleesi

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Saoirse Ronan’s accents in different movies

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i loooooove personality quizzes and astrology and alignments and personality types because i’m completely obsessed with myself

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What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?

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my favorite part about this is clara walking away without a care in the universe like “yeah what’s wrong with being short now you great lanky martian motherfucker”

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Production DesignPan’s Labyrinth (2006)

After doing work in Hollywood on other movies and with other directors, working in our original language in different scenery brings me back to the original reasons I wanted to make movies, which is basically to tell stories with complete freedom and to let the visuals really contribute to the telling of the story. - Guillermo Navarro, director of photography; P.D. by Eugenio Caballero

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there’s literally no point in teaching girls to be body positive if you only use men’s opinions for validation like “boys like girls with curves” nah get that the fuck out of here

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╌ favourites of 2014 
( tv-show ) my mad fat diary s2

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A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe ?

Victoria. 18. France. Bits of me.